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DirectX: DirectX 8.1.
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Streets of Rage Remake 08/01/07 Free English
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A MegaDrive classic now available for PC, totally free

Softonic Editorial Team

"Best Remake of any Video Game"

Classic titles are remade all of the time; and many times, to put it simply, they suck. They're poorly-made watered-down rehashings that added nothing of value to the original game.

With that said, I cannot say enough good things about "SoR Remake". You can tell that the game was made by some truly devoted fans of the originals. The sprite-work is spot-on, the level expansions flow perfect, and the special effects are gorgeous.

The music is the biggest surprise for me. I'm a big fan of Yuzo Koshiro's work on the originals and I presumed the updated music just wouldn't live up to it (think of every "Tetris Remix" you've heard). The music is perfect though. Tracks that were once 25 second loops have been deconstructed and lovingly put back together into full songs. Many of the tracks come off as even more intense than their original counter-parts (with the exception of Bulldozer, but if you're handy enough with audacity you can just replace the new music with the originals).

I can't begin to imagine the amount of work that went into this remake. I could gush on and on. Just go play it!

  • Tons of Unlockables
  • Fantastic Music
  • Intense Special Effects
  • Online Multiplayer Support
  • Skate's Dialogue :D
  • By the way: Make sure you don't run two instances at once. Auto save will ruin your day.

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04 Dec 2014

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Streets of Rage Remake

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  3. 76 Streets of Rage Remake: A MegaDrive classic now available for PC, totally free Streets of Rage Remake

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