Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage Remake

A MegaDrive classic now available for PC, totally free

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Streets of Rage Remake is currently unavailable.
Streets of Rage Remake is a remake of the whole Sega MegaDrive saga brought back to a new life and ready for you to enjoy on your PC.

The original sprites of the game have been ripped, adding new moves. Also, new enemies and new characters have been added respecting the original game's overall style.

Regarding the stages, some are completely new and some have been redesigned. You will also find new effects, more colors and scroll layers than in their original versions. As for the game's soundtrack, the original songs have all been remixed and improved.

Streets of Rage Remake maintains the gameplay of its predecessor and was done from scratch, having a whole programming team devoted to emulate every one of the main characteristics in the original game.

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Streets of Rage Remake


Streets of Rage Remake

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    put on ps2.
    a whom ever maf dis is smarts as hell do think u can put it on ps2?.   More